Drunk Zombie Fighting And Vomit Pratfalls

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero hits the Xbox 360 tomorrow with a robust taste of what the full Dead Rising 2 has in store for gamers. Just don't blame me if that taste is tainted with a bit of bile.

As seen in the prequel, protagonist Check Greene isn't just a zombie-killing machine, he's also a drinking machine. Check out this video showing off the game's real world beer keg foam physics, vomit viscosity and drunk punching.

Man, Chuck's one angry drunk.


    hahaha that's brilliant!

    Now we know why he's called chuck ;)

      His name has been changed...

      "protagonist Check Greene"

      See above lol

    Oh that's gold. Hurry up Case Zero!

    Man, It'd be so annoying getting hit while trying to throw up.

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