Dude Huge Talks Gears Matchmaking For Aussies

Gears of War is a lot of fun in multiplayer. Except when you're in Australia and it keeps connecting you to a match hosted overseas. So is Epic changing up its matchmaking options for Gears of War 3?

Speaking to Games.on.net, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski says it's tough to balance the needs of a global gaming community.

"There's many ways you can go about it and we're still working on it through all of our title updates," he says.

"Right now you have the situation where you have Americans who get pissed off that they're playing with people from the UK, or even Mexico. They're like 'F!%k, it's laggy' even though they may only have a 75ms ping, but they're like 'F&*k I'm playing with English guys again.' Whereas if we dial that back so that only Americans are playing with Americans, or UK with UK, there's only so big a pool.

And when it comes to Australians versus Australians, that pool shrinks even further.

"So in Australia, Gears does fairly well there," says Bleszinski, "but when you have people who play Gears, and play online, and play in Australia, we have a subset of a subset of a subset. So at any given date you may not be able to find anybody to play with. So they're screwed. So then you want to have a pool with the Americans.

"But there is a lot of back and forth, we're still tweaking it, we don't have a silver bullet yet but I can assure you we're still looking at it."

He's right. Gears does fairly well here, but Australia is still a very small market. The number of local Gears players looking for a match at a specific time is still pretty small. Local filtering works better in games like Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3 because those games sell a lot more copies in Australia than any other online shooter, Gears included.

Here's a suggestion though, Cliff, since you're still tweaking it: ask Microsoft to setup a dedicated local server for Gears of War 3.

Interview: 30 intimate minutes with Cliff Bleszinski [Games.on.net]


    It's a catch 22 though, without decent local support people will quickly stop playing online. In some cases it may prevent them from making the purchase in the first place.

    On the flip side does matchmaking require that big of a load? Surely you could run all the AU matchmaking on a single server, if not a few titles.

    When will devs learn just how dedis were the way of the past so are they the way of the future

    Surely implementing the same style of matchmaking that [email protected] had would be best. Give the players the option...

      I'm not sure what the matchmaking is like in COD:WaW, but it's the same problem again. Each new playlist is creating a new subset of players. A game that doesn't have enough players to match people decently in the first place and then gives the players enough options to segregate themselves further reduce the number of players they can be matched against.

    So. . . still no region filter for us then? That what hes trying to say?

    If theres still enough Australians playing Gears 1 then I dont think there will be a problem with Gears 3.

    I want to know how CoD:WaW can come out with a local search option without any of the issues that devs constantly moan about. If it can be done there, why not with GoW?

    That being said, the most recent update has finally started matching aussie's together. Didn't take too long... :P

    Uh, gears 2 has had a region filter for months now.

    Gears of War 2's matchmaking is and always has been completely unplayable for me. It would take ages to find a match which lagged to the point that I could barely play. Gears of War 1's custom game search engine never had this problem and was much better. My point, please put a game browser instead of matchmaking into gears of war 3.

    Region search is needed. Transformers WFC has a region search and even with only 1000 odd ppl online in the world you can still get an Aussie game with it. I'd rather wait a few minutes to find a game them play with ppl on the other side of the world.

    Transformers WFC wasn't even a super huge title like say Call of duty MW 2 and it had local search the players could choose.. if any multiplayer wants to get more sales from outside the USA it is a must to have some local search.. so many times Ive gone on xbox live my mates will talk about a game and the question always is "it have local search shit" and if they say "yes" the reaction is "ooo nice might take a look at this game"

    So game Devs GET ON IT seriously!

      Yeah, thats what I dont get with Devs.
      I region filter isnt going to hurt game sales in the slightest. Its easy for devs to implement and its only going to encourage/increase sales.

      Ideally we would like a Gears 1 system. A list of games and you can join what you want. But that isnt going to happen.
      Developers, for some bazaar reason, believe matchmaking is the future. But, from a gamers perspective, matchmaking is whats killing online gaming.

    well, i stopped playing gears of war 2 because of this, it was unplayable. Maybe if they fixed it, more aussies will play and continue to play

    otherwise 1-3 dedicated servers should be fine.

    Often the problem with these P2P matchmaking server-based games is that it will select the player with the "lowest ping" to be the host. The problem is that the way that it is determined is by the matchmaking server pinging each player. When that server is hosted in the US, it will always prefer US players to host. Then lag happens. Ideally the host should be the player with the the highest ping for every other player that will be connected to them. Probably the easiest way to do that is to have multiple matchmaking servers worldwide and average their ping readings.

    Transformers WFC is a small game, but I can always get a game happening in this region. I admit I only ever seem to get Conquest and never Code of Power or Countdown to Extinction happening. But I can get online quickly with Aussies (Possibly Kiwis too) 99% of the time day or night.

    I can't wait for the day when the internet reaches a point were people from all over the world play together and ping is not a problem.

      Will never happen.
      Regardless of the worlds internet connections you will always, ALWAYS, have latency.
      It will never improve from how it is now. . . unless somehow we can get information to travel faster than the speed of light.

    I'll bring up Transformers too, it's way way smaller then Gears, but I can always find atleast 30-40 people online to play against in local servers. It may not be the hundreds upon hundreds that I see on the international ones but it doesn't really matter...

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