EA Says Crysis Will Rack Up A High Score

David DeMartini - Metacritic score predictor extraordinaire - is at it again, confidently telling Eurogamer Crysis 2 is going return 90 ratings, upland territory that all publishers crave for big games but few acknowledge so boldly before release.

"It's going to be another 90 rated game from Crytek," vowed DeMartini, the chief of Electronic Arts publishing arm EA Partners. He also swore that they didn't delay the game in order to get it out of the holiday cycle so it could dominate March, a comparatively slower time.

"It didn't slip into March, but we both had aspirations of trying to release it sooner than that," EA Partners boss David DeMartini told Eurogamer. "It wasn't going to be ready for that. With the guys at Crytek, it's quality, quality, quality."

DeMartini's keen to comment on game scores, yesterday saying that the aggregate number for APB, which EA also helped publish, was in line with internal predictions. That's not a good thing, as APB's pulling a 61 Metacritic and the studio that made it is in bankruptcy.

EA: Crysis 2 Will Be A 90-Rated Game [Eurogamer]


    I guess EA's already writing those cheques to certain sites? ;)

    Well, the first game was actually really spectacular. When you get past the stigma of 'LOL U NEED A COMPUTER FROM THE FUTURE TO RUN IT!' it looked fantastic, was fun to play, and fairly engaging. Granted, the story fell a little bit flat at times, but that was about it. It well deserved it's 90 rating, so i wouldn't be surprised to see Crysis 2 get a similar rating

    I don't think Crysis deserved anywhere near what it got, and I expect more of the same for this. Stunning and all, but so very bland and uninspired. Its a great shooter for someone who isn't a huge shooter fan, but if you've played some of the greats, the gameplay these throw up once you're used to the stunning, stunning visuals, is pretty dry.

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