EA's Gun Clubbers Get To Cut In Line At PAX

Sorry this is late. Had to show A Jawa how to use the comments. Anyway (reads from paper) Members of Electronic Arts' "Gun Club" promotion have received emails saying they can skip the line for Dead Space 2 at PAX.

As you can see above, Gun Club members may print out the latest email to bypass the line for the Dead Space 2 booth at the Penny Arcade Expo when it's going on September 3 to September 5.

PAX attendees rushing right out to sign up, remember the thing says "print out this email". I have no idea if you'll get this one with a newly created membership.

Thanks to Nick for the tip.


    That seems a rather cheap and unfair promotional promise. I feel sorry for anyone that has to line up properly and gets cut in front of by people with these emails.

      It's their booth, they can do whatever they want. If you don't like it, you can just leave the line.

    Hopefully PAX will step in/up at some stage and try to deter this kind of thing. After the fact, it would be unfair to do it now.

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