'EverQuest Next' Teased At Fan Faire

Appropriately enough, the next EverQuest installment is called - for now, anyway - "Everquest Next." Sony Online Entertainment teased the new title, with two in-game images, at the publisher's "Fan Faire" going on in Las Vegas this weekend.

SOE President John Smedley gave several announcements regarding the EverQuest franchise, many of them already known, before dropping the EverQuest Next reveal. Smedley said more info on the new game would come forth by the end of the weekend, but it sounds like this will be more of a reboot than a direct sequel to EverQuest 1 and 2.

There's a panel today that should divulge more info. When more is known, we'll post. The in-game art is pictured at top and bottom.

Fan Faire 2010: EQII Flying Mounts, EQNext Art Revealed [Massively via Destructoid]


    New Everquest game?

    *pricks his ears up* How very interesting.
    There was so many good concepts in Everquest 2. Many fell by the wayside, but I am looking to see that indepth gaming style go further.

    The number of differet races and archetypes alone was worth it.

    Lets see what Sony has for us next? Any speclation?

    I'll be right there to buy it - if Sony finally does the smart thing to compete with Blizzard and start making Mac versions of their MMOs.

    A reboot sounds fantastic. EQ1 is still amazing. All it needs is a reboot much like what Bliz has done with Starcraft II and it will be game on!

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