Every Day Is Brewfest With This World Of Warcraft Tankard

Sideshow Collectibles want to make sure it's Brewfest all year-long at your place, with this replica of World of Warcraft's Tankard O' Terror.

The tankard, modelled on the in-game item used in WoW's once-a-year Brewfest spectacular, weighs 1.4kg and stands just shy of ten inches high. It's also made of stoneware and holds around two litres of grog/juice/milk. You can grab one for $US40.

If only the beer inside was as ridiculously polygonal as the tankard itself!

Tankard O' Terror [Sideshow]


    It looks like something you would buy at Crazy Clarks for 2 bucks. WoW addicts will buy anything. Must be awesome to be Blizzard, exploiting their fans like a pimp exploits his cocaine sniffing... erm... girls.

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