Every Video Game Console Ever Made*

You might want to grab a cup of tea for this one; at 23 minutes, it's not your average web clip. But if you want to see a procession of every single gaming console ever released, 23 minutes is what it's going to take.

* - I'm not going to even try to pretend I can verify the accuracy of the clip, but if there are any missing, they must be pretty damn inconsequential. I mean, there are quite a few I'd never even heard of before, let alone seen.

The Insane Console History Video 2.0 [Elder Geek]


    Is that music from Bubble Bobble in the background at the beginning?

      Yep sure sounds like it.

    Aah, the Intellivision, my first video game console. The memories. Makes me feel old :P

    Even some of the stuff released in the last 2 years I had no idea about lol

    man, that was an ORDEAL

    I thought the Pandora was going to be left out, but there it was, 2nd from the end.

    so how many were there???
    also 21:45 there is one called GIZMONDO! HAHA

    the megadrive in last week's kmart catalogue wasn't there and i didn't see any tiger products

    Love the music, some classics in there.

    iPod Touch/iPhone was 2007?

    Why did I just watch that, I'll never remember all those consoles.

    We have advanced hugely in 10 years, I couldn't find much on that portable ps1. Looks like it would have been hella cool.

    AND THAT'S WHAT A PSX WAS, HOLY CRAP. I thought it just meant that the controllers were compatible with all Playstations at the time.

    Alot more game consoles game out in the last 10 years though, if you count the Chinese ones like the Vii. But really, they're the same quality as the crap American companies were pushing out 20 years ago.

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