Everything Exciting About Guild Wars 2 In One Video

From now on whenever anyone asks me what excites me about Guild Wars 2 as an MMO player, I'll save myself a lot of time and just point them to this video.

ArenaNet and NCsoft could have saved themselves a lot of time as well, skipping the past year's worth of blog posts and articles and simply releasing this, urging players to wait for it. That would have been good enough for me, certainly.

Of course my view might be coloured by the fact that I'll be getting hands-on time with the game at GamesCom next week in Germany, with more hands-on time due at PAX in Seattle later this month.

I'll let you know if it was worth flying to Germany for.


    Personally cant wait for this, looks freaking awesome and well worth the trip to Germany to play. Keep us updated!

    Wow... just wow, every vid and article that I see about this gets me more and more excited. I loved the first Guild Wars, and this one is going to bring me back to the series right away. I so can't wait to play as a Charr!
    The only disappointment I've had in this is that the Tengu is not a playable race. They were my favourite race of enemies/allies in the first game.

    It sounds and looks really nice but I'm a bit skeptical. In the past other MMOs have promised all types of great features that have sounded awesome and come out with trailers and gameplay videos that look really great and make the features they've promised look great but then when the game actually comes out it's a big let down. I really hope GW2 wont be like those other MMOs and can deliver what it promises and will be as fun as it promises.

    I must admit I've had my doubts about the changes GW2 is making to the Guild Wars formula, but this... this is just mind-blowing. While it may be different from Guild Wars in ways I don't like (I'm still not impressed with the new skill system they described version the old dual-class 8-skill 'build' system, which was PERFECT) it really looks like it could simply be the best MMO ever made in its own right.

    I think that dragon near the end (the big obsidian+purple energy one, not the water dragon) is quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen since the very day I was born.

    It's been said before countless times of so many different games (Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Aion), but this could really, truly be the WoW killer. Guild Wars was honestly the only game that was really able to stand up to WoW in days past, and this looks like the next level.

    Looks pretty but like the title says, it's Guild wars 2.0, graphics looks a bit better, quests are still instances maps and personally that really disconnects me from the rest of the world.

    Personally don't think it's going to be a WoW killer, only way to kill WoW is to have players leave en mass, and the only other franchise besides WoW that has such a huge dedicated fan base is, sadly, Star Wars and according to wiki they seem to have a similar Q3 2011 expected release date.

    Still looks pretty though. On another note teh purple dragon thing at the end kinda looks like Death wing from WoW.

    And no i don't play WoW... anymore.

      Does it really need to kill WoW when it's free 2 play? Guild Wars one sold like 7 million copies, which is more than enough for it to be successful in it's own right.

        The only figure I'm aware of is 5 million. That 5 million includes everyone who purchased Prophecy, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North as 4 different people. It also doesn't count the people who were dissatisfied with limited character slots or storage space and purchased mule accounts, or people who had accounts banned (such as gold farmers) and purchased new ones. When you consider WoW's 11 million active subscribers are mostly unique accounts (more than one active subscription is a lot to pay with little to gain) and that doesn't take into account the millions of people who no longer actively subscribe, Guild Wars 1 isn't even approaching competitive ground with WoW.

        As others have expressed, I am very sceptical of all the hype this sequel is getting. They are taking it to the point that I believe it's going to damage the game more than help it.

          You're ignoring his point.

          Who cares if it kills WoW? It was sucessfull.

          It doesn't need to kill off all competition to be sucessfull, that's like arguing Halo isn't sucessfull because Modern Warfare 2 had a bigger launch or something.

          It's just stupid fanboy bitching.

            Agreed, everytime an MMO comes out can we stop saying 'WoW killer'. I mean the concept itself is ridiculous as WoW is beyond the ability for any game to 'kill'.

            How about we stop seeing them in contest and just be happy that we have the choice of what to play. Every MMO that comes out shouldn't be compared to WoW as to whether or not it is successful, the only reason to compare it to WoW is to see how similar or different it will be as WoW has in many ways set an industry standard.

      They aren't instanced, it's a fully persistent world now. The only parts that will be instanced will be parts of the story line that you've affected with your characters choices/progression.

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