Extreme Close-Ups Of The Nintendo 3DS

We've seen photos of the Nintendo 3DS, sure. Here are some extreme close-ups of the upcoming 3D-glasses-free device.

You can see buttons and slots and holes. It's like you are pressing your face right up against it.

The Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo's next generation of portable handheld gaming consoles, was made official this past spring. It was first shown at the 2010 E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

The Nintendo 3DS is expected to be out before April 2011.

『ニンテンドー3DS』新しい本体画像まとめ [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    I really hope it ships black just like this one, not that half blue half red bs.

    ^ Totally agree, all electronics should be black.

    And, I hope they switch the positions of the thumb stick and d pad

    Please ship black ones on day one Nintendo. Although I held off on the original DS waiting for a black one and ended up with a DSlite... which I suppose was a good thing.

    Porn for geeks!

    I kid, I kid!

    This thing looks really great up close. Nintendo said that the design was 'pretty much' finalised, so we can expect to hold something that looks 'pretty much' like this in our hands within the year!

    One thing I noticed! They've gone back to a SLIDER for the volume! I was quite fond of the volume buttons on my DSi XL, I couldn't accidentally brush the slider and turn my sound off (which would happen a lot more than you'd think! Especially in games that are primarily stylus controlled, like metroid prime: hunters).

    This little handheld interests me. But I have a concern.

    With the DSi line, Nintendo did the undesirable and started to introduce region locking.

    Does anyone know yet if this handheld is region locked? If so, I am seriously thinking of importing one. If history is anything to go by, this handheld will be priced twice as much as it should be when it get released in Australia.

      AFAIK, only the DSiware titles were region locked. The great thing about it was, you could simply buy a US console, and then download all of their DSiware titles at their price, instead of the Aus ones at an Aus price!

      If they do region lock it, the sensible thing to do is import the console, and import all the games.

        OK, from what I knew, some DSi games had been region locked.

        To make matters worse, the fact was not always indicated on the packaging. While some had a warning, others didn't thus resulting in some people not being able to play the games.

    WTB a sudden second stick before they begin production.

      Uhhh, touchscreen > analogue stick? (one thumb on the stick, the other hand using the touchscreen)

    Agree with the black. I don't own a DS in any form currently, but with the little one turning 7 this year I think it's time I picked one up. The significant other is also showing a lot of interest in wanting to play Brain Training and other games of it's elk.

    I'm having trouble getting them to hold off until the 3DS lands XD.

    The thumbstick position at first concerned me though now that I've had a good look and a chance to consider it, I think it will work just fine.

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