Fable III Screens Do Combat, Level Up

These new Fable III screenshots all came labelled "combat_and_leveling_up". Which should give you a fair idea of what they're trying to show off.


    i like they're new plan of "as you grow your sword grows" it sound like you could have limitless possibility but as a game where you can't do everything it will have some saddening limits.
    but im still hopeful that you can get katanas.

    Definitely looks crisper than Fable II. Looking forward to this.

    Looks much more polished than the second one. I just hope they fixed the long loading times and make the whole game run a whole lot more seemlessly.

    I loved Fable II!
    Can't wait for this to come out : )

    I just hope the damn game wont make my child dissapear.

    And if it does as long as it doesn't remind me every ten seconds I'd be fine.

    I was a good character the whole game. I got so ticked off I had multiple orgies, cheated on my wife with men and killed an entire village multiple times.

    *Sigh* Maybe it's the cynic in me, maybe it's the cranky old man coming out early. But why don't I believe what they are telling me?

    Is it because they built up my hopes when I was younger, told me I would have the freedom to do anything, be anyone? Fable and Fable 2 had so many promises and yet so little of them achieved. Do I blame Molyneaux or myself for believing the hype? Either way I'm going to get this game, mainly because with the disappointment comes the fun of sock puppet entertainment...


    Have to say it looks a lot like Fable 2 at the moment. Looks like combat is going to be much the same.

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