Fable III's Intro Cinematic Flies The Coop

For those who simply cannot wait until they play the game, here's Fable III's cinematic intro sequence. Compulsive chicken-kickers, this one goes out to you.


    Poor poor chicken...

      are you vegetarian? if not, your kinda calling yourself an a-hole

    anyone know if blur studios made this. I think they made the fable 2 and that was great

    What is this I don't even...

    While an occasionaly apt analogy, I think the whole chicken thing was a bit overdone.

    Awww... that poor little chicken.
    He only wanted freedom.

    What chef keeps a rifle in their kitchen?

      One with really big rats.

    Poor wittle chiken... *sniff*

    Soooo need a mini game that has a chicken hero or something..

    That final scene reminded me of Sebastian in the little mermaid getting away from the chef.
    Allusion, reference or complete ripoff?

    awww, poor chicken :(

    Best chicken analogy I've seen in, well, ever.

    That was soooo racist.
    Like when the chicken is white he gets away but it's not until he is black that he gets chased out of the kitchen and executed in the courtyard.

    First they kill the dog.
    Now they kill the chicken.
    They just hate animals don't they...

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