Farmville Makers Attacked Over Real-World "Vandalism"

Zynga, the company behind Facebook titles like Farmville and Mafia Wars, is in trouble with the San Francisco City Attorney's Office over reports of vandalism linked to the developer's advertisements.

San Fran Deputy City Attorney Alex Tse accuses the social game devs of several "documented acts of sidewalk vandalism" in relation to ads for the upcoming Mafia Wars: Las Vegas, in which fake bank notes have been glued to the city's streets.

"The City Attorney takes violations such as these very seriously", says Tse, "and intends to pursue every available cause of action aggressively against Zynga for these illegal marketing tactics".

Zynga in Hot Water with San Francisco City Attorney Over 'Mafia Wars' Marketing [SFWeekly, thanks Andy!]


    I motion that Zynga be struck from the record of Kotaku and are no longer considered news worthy - all in favour say 'aye'.







      Fuckin' AYE!

    Don't like it, don't read it? Durpee durp durr

    So I funded [Zynga] myself but I did every horrible thing in the book to, just to get revenues right away. I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this Zwinky toolbar which was like, I don't know, I downloaded it once and couldn’t get rid of it. *laughs* We did anything possible just to just get revenues so that we could grow and be a real business.

    —Mark Pincus, Speech from [email protected]

    What a freaking bunch of douchbags


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