FIFA 11 Box Art Puts Tim Cahill At Centre, Forward

EA Sports has unveiled the local box art for FIFA 11. And just like last year, Socceroo Tim "Timmy" Cahill steals the spotlight.

Wearing the blue strip of his club Everton, Timmy is flanked by Brazilian Kaka of Real Madrid and England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney.

“I’m thrilled to stand alongside Kaka and Rooney on the cover of EA SPORTS FIFA 11,” said Cahill, in a specially prepared and approved quote designed to be as enthusiastic and diplomatically anodyne as possible. “It’s a great game that I enjoy playing and I have no doubt that the rest of Australia will too.”

FIFA 11 launches in Australia on September 30.


    I like the annual tradition of ripping on Timmy.

    Also, in't the PC version getting an engine upgrade this year? I've been looking forward to that since 2006.

    Yes the pc version is getting a new engine finally :D

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