Fight Begins Online, Continues With Fisticuffs And A Knife

Late last week, two men from New York got into a heated argument while playing a PS3 game online. Normally, that's where the beef would end, but in this case, it was only the beginning of hostilities.

Eric S. LaChapelle, 24 (left), had been playing an undisclosed PS3 game online against Corey J. Chalich, 18 (right), when things took a turn for the worse. Rather than leave it be, LaChapelle jumped in his car and drove to Chalich's house, where he "assaulted him" sufficiently for the younger man to require hospital treatment.

That prompted Chalich to reach for a knife and "threaten" his assailant, who then took off and ran. He didn't get far, though, as he was arrested "minutes later", and for his troubles Chalich was picked up as well.

Both men now face charges, LaChapelle of third-degree assault and Chalich of second-degree menacing.

Police: Video game dispute leads to knife threat [Post-Star, via Dtoid]


    Wait, what?? The Chalich guy is getting charged because he defended himself in his own home?? He didn't even stab the guy or anything, he just grabbed the knife out to scare the other guy off. What is the world coming to when you can't even defend yourself in your own home?

      I'd say there would be more to it than that. You know how the media works; you only get 1/4 of the story if you're lucky. He probably cut his kitten's head off or something. Who knows. It wouldnt just be for defending himself.

      According to this:

      You can't even PLACE the other other guy in "reasonable fear" of physical injury. So you're supposed to just sit there and get beat up or stabbed and hope you don't die.

      Oh, and if you don't die, you'll have to cop massive medical bills because last time I checked, health care still sucks over there, in the land of the "free".

      There's a plethora of 'stories' in regards to people being charged for 'defending' themselves.

      I heard a story about an attempted break and enter where the offender managed to cut themselves open on a pre-broken window, only to sue the residents.

      Another story where a victim finds all his stolen property in the back of a trailer hooked up to a car at a petrol station, the driver in the process of filling the tank. The victim (a tradesmen) took a 2x4 from his ute, and went the guy demanding his stuff back only to be charged with assault.

      (ok vigilante behavior isn't always the correct response, but really, fighting for your own property...)

      I could go on with anecdotes regarding the law and all it's incorrect applications.

      In response to your question, the world is ever rapidly approaching a nanny state belief of over the top political correctness where discipline has ceased being the firm hand that guides you, and instead become the soft voice that suggests maybe, perhaps, you should do something other then what you are currently doing, and when you refuse? It suggests it again.

    If someone is breaking into your home and step in glass or something, you are liable to be sued.

    Thats how backwards shit is

    how did he know where he lives? saying that ive put the challenge to a few big mouths who try and threaten you for no reason carry on to meet me (tell them my address) and they never show up! always a big man behind a mic but never back it up lol

      you GIVE people your address online? Probably not the best idea dude...

    If he'd had a gun and just shot him it would have been different.

    Silly prick shouldn't have given out his address in the first place...

    They were probably acquaintances in real life, therefor knew each others addresses.

    This is getting ridiculous. Soon, every time we claim there's no correlation between games and violence we're going to look like we're in denial. Honestly, what the fuck is it with all the game-based violence these days?

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