Final Fantasy XIV Gets Fancy Trailer, Open Beta Date

Surcease? You used the word surcease? Square Enix, we know you've a penchant for flowery words, but this is 2010, not 1710.

Aside from that, everything else in this epic Final Fantasy XIV trailer looks good, as there's plenty of gorgeous cinematic stuff to go with some actual gameplay footage.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has also revealed the open beta date for the game, which kicks off early on September 1 for Europeans, or late on August 31 if you're in the US.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


    "the journey has just begun"... in 8 hour intervals :/

      Read the new translation, its not gamebreakingly stupid anymore.

    development budget: (total $300 million)

    realistic hair behaviour: $299 million
    shiny props, backgrounds: $1 million
    new gameplay elements: N/A

    Anyone else have to look up the meaning of surcease?

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