Finishing The Fight (All By Yourself)

Comedy writer and Sarah Silverman beau Alec Sulkin entertains himself with Halo music. More amusing Sulkin tweets over at his Twitter page.

Alec Sulkin: Girlfriend gone [Twitter]


    Alec: "Oh yeah, I bet you love that you dirty theme. Keep going. Keep going. Don't stop!"

    *Sarah walks in the door*


    Sarah: *glances at her boyfriend, to the tv, and back to her boyfriend* "What... the... frick?"

    He wrote a song about it:

    "I'm fucking to HALO".

      Well, or "I'm jerking to HALO".

      Damn lack of edit options.

    I bet that tweet is in the reverse order of events.

      Hahaha nice call.

    i'd rather jerk to halo than sarah silverman, kill it with fire

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