First Look At That HUGE Beta Kinect Camera In The Wild

Beta users for the Xbox 360's Kinect seem to have mixed feelings about the still-in-development motion gaming device.

The beta Kinect kits started showing up in mailboxes and on doorsteps today and came with a small collection of games including Kinect Sports and Kinect Joyride. It also came with the motorised camera and a smiley-face placard for setting up the hardware.

The first time beta testers plug in their new hardware they're asked to download a bit of software called the Kinect Hub. The hub allows you to download other betas as well as calibrate the hardware.

Beta testers we heard from tell us there is some lag in the games they've played, but that it's not that noticeable. They also said that voice commands are working with the beta.

When a gamer calls out to their Xbox a menu pops up that gives them a list of available voice commands, like dashboard, back and forward .

Here's a look at what the beta hardware looks like out in the wild.

Thanks to the Ostrich guy and our other tipsters.


    They should have made it look like a little robot ala Wall-E or ROB. :3


      That card looks like "The Superintendant" from ODST.

    Funny, it looks like someone came up with the ideal design concepe years ago, then they found it was way too small to house all the electronics.
    But wait! we'll just make it larger in the *3rd* dimension which isn't visible in the concept - Brilliant!

    who cares how fat it is, what it does is what matters

    Xbox hueg

    Please explain why you say "beta users for the Xbox 360′s Kinect seem to have mixed feelings about the still-in-development motion gaming device"... This isn't really clear from the article?

    I'm not a fan of the shiny black plastic look of the camera and new Xbox Slim. I think it makes the console look cheap and weak, at least in pictures.

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