First Screens Of Tony Hawk: Shred Show Its Shredding Side

Tony Hawk: Shred will put your Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard controller to use, once again, later this year, letting players skateboard and snowboard as they stand on their pricey plastic peripherals. This is what Tony Hawk: Shred will look like.

Pro skater Tony Hawk was the first to leak details on the next game in the long-running series. Activision later confirmed that Tony Hawk: Shred exists and that it will double up on the extreme sportsmanship.

First screens of Activision and Robomodo's forthcoming game show that, yes, you'll shred on a snowboard. You'll also do it in a fashion slightly more cartoonish and cel-shaded. And you'll do it while occasionally wearing licensed Volcom clothing.

Will you do it on a surfboard next?


    Tony Hawk is ready to slap his name onto anything isn’t he? Seriously, he probably doesn’t even know how to snowboard. I don’t understand why Activision still publishes Tony Hawk games. The name holds no weight these days. Using the Hawk name is actually working against them. Not only do they have to pay his likeness fees. But the Tony Hawk series has gone from bad to worse over the years. It’s like asking people to buy a game they know will suck ass.

    Coming this summer:

    Tony Hawk : Wakeboarding
    Tony Hawk : BMX
    Tony Hawk : Motocross
    Tony Hawk : Lawnbowls
    Tony Hawk : Knitting
    Tony Hawk : CookingSkater
    Tony Hawk : Skate Attorney
    Tony Hawk : Skate Fighter
    Tony Hawk : Little Skate Planet

    Oh and another skating game...

    Seriously, does the dude even snowboard professionally? If not WTF IS THE POINT???

    I love how none of these screen shots are from the perspective you'll have to play the game from - behind your avatar.

    I want Tricky back... but I'd like it to have Kinect support.

    1080 snowboarding for the current gen consoles would be sweet

    Are Volcom developing this game or something?

    Make the game we all want to happen: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5

    (Yeah I did make that amateur box-art lol)

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