First Tuning Update Arrives For NCAA Football 11

We seem to have gotten things out of order. The first gameplay tuning file for NCAA Football 11 went live this morning, so it was not dependent on a mid-August patch. The adjustments will be incorporated into existing dynasties.

Tuning is a way to address game adjustments without going through a certification period or deal with the restrictions faced by patches or, for that matter, waiting for for a larger patch to deliver some tweak that addresses a minor, nagging issue.

You'll see the tuning download notification (above) when you start-up the game from a connected console.

A patch still is on the way by mid-August to fix major problems in gameplay, such as the infamous glitch that can send your QB running into his end zone on a play-action pass. Changes addressed by the first tuning update include:

• Increased the default starting values for all Recruits. • Slightly increased progression for low and mid tier teams. • Tuned CPU recruiting to prevent teams from signing too many players at any one particular position. • Increased CPU's focus upon needed positions in recruiting. • Top schools will sign 5 star prospects earlier in the season. • After a recruit Soft Commits, any CPU team that is not ranked in the top three will spend significantly less time calling the recruit. • Addressed an issue with big lineman jumping too high and deflecting passes. • Tuned ESPN U Top 150 Players to be more in line with actual top 150 recruits by decreasing the number of Fullbacks and Kickers. Tuned Field Goal, Kick Offs, and Punting in Super Sim.

First NCAA Football 11 Tuner Set Out Now [Pasta Padre]


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