Flock! Off By 50%

It's not actually that interesting that Capcom's rather sheepish puzzler Flock! is one of the deals of the week on the Aussie PlayStation Store. I just wanted to use that silly headline.

The best deal this week is probably classic shmup 1942: Joint Strike marked down by nearly 50%. It's totally worth a little over eight bucks.

All these deals are valid until August 19.

Section 8 $15.95 (was $39.95) 1942: Joint Strike $8.45 (was $15.95) High Stakes On The Vegas Strip $8.45 (was $15.95) WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 $33.95 (was $49.95) Switchball $8.45 (was $12.95) Flock! $11.45 (was $23.95) Stellar Attack $4.95 (was $6.95)

PlayStation Store special offers [PlayStation]


    Flock. That's a good deal.

    But what's it about?
    Is there much flocking in the game?

    Do the sheep flock?
    Or do you have to flock the sheep yourself?

    I'm not sure if I'm all that keen on flocking sheep.

    That's not to say I wouldn't try flock for a while.

    But at these prices, flock is cheap.

    That games Flockin great

    At that price EVERYONE can go get flock'd!

    Heck, you can even go bannana's a buy a friend a flock.

      I wish I'd used that as the headline.

        Well maybe it's better if all puns are run past me before posting from now on? :P

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