From Dust Is For Those Of You Who Like Playing God

Eric Chahi made the acclaimed game Out of This World, then Heart of Darkness, then took a break from game-making, during which time he fell in love with volcanoes. Now he's making this.

Debuting in Germany at GDC Europe and Gamecom this week is a tech demo video of Chachi's From Dust.

Chahi's game, which is being made by a team at Ubisoft and was formerly called Project Dust, is an Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 god game that puts you in control of the elements on a simulated island. Your actions - the way you mould the land - decides the fate of the game's virtual people.

The game's a beauty so far and is set for release next year.


    I'm one of the few who loved Populous 3.

    Pretty much what Spore should of had regarding end game and not the continuous shitty space battling.

    Uhm...Black & White 3?

    It's coming out on PC as well, actually.

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