Game Cafe Robbed, Gamers Fight Back, Lots Of Punches To The Head

A gaming cafe in Kaneohe, Hawaii was robbed last week, three youths storming in and demanding money from the customers inside. They got the money, but I don't think they were ready for one guy to fight back.

Things were going pretty well for the bandits early on. They come in, threaten the front desk employee, rough him up then start taking money from the kids inside using the computers. Then they try and take one guy's DS. Nunh unh.

He goes bananas, flying straight at his would-be thief with a flurry of punches. He even manages to land one. He receives several more (with interest) in return, but his actions help inspire the rest of the cafe's inhabitants, who eventually fight back, stealing the mask of one robber and causing the rest to flee.

Three of the thieves were apprehended by police around a block away.

Gamers fight back after robbers target PC Gamerz in Kaneohe [KHON2, thanks Johnny!]


    Wow, both those guys got absolutely slammed. Yet they held their ground, they're certainly made of tough stuff.

    All three suspects were released? Christ, these guys risked their lives for that DS. And, you know, the store.

    Good on these gamers, and I like how they all helped out the DS lover. :P

    Hey guys, I'm tanking! Can we get an off-tank and some DPS going here?!?

    Seriously though, released pending further investigation? That's some serious A-grade bullshit right there.

      Wahahah GOLD! Unfortunately from the looks of things they instanced without a healer ;)

    I used to work at a LAN, closed for the night and left. when I got home I get a call from my boss telling me that the alarm is going off and I have to go check it out. get back there to find out that the store was robbed 10 mins after i closed.

    watching that video im glad that the thieves decided to wait till I left before robbing the store, I surely would not have the courage that they did.

    It was inevitable. Right at the end...ZERG RUSH...from both sides.

    LOL I can see MOH Beta in the the picture.

    Leeroyy Jenkinss!!!

    ROFL. Those guys fail at criminal.

    That guy is truly an hero.

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