GameStop Robber Gets 40 Years, 38 With Edge Card

Gregory Reaux, 29, will be 69 when he gets out of the pen for robbing six GameStops in Louisiana with a boxcutter and a cutoff sleeve as a mask.

Reaux was a former GameStop employee fired because he "improperly use[ed]employee discounts and store deals," according to The Times-Picayune of New Orleans. In apparent retaliation, he robbed at least six different GameStop locations, making out with several thousand dollars and "various merchandise".

Reaux hit GameStops in the towns of Slidell, Jefferson Parish, Hammond, Walker and Denham Springs. That left the store in Mandeville. So officers staked it out and nabbed Reaux as he prepared to hit that one.

Man Gets 40 Years In Jail After Robbing Several GameStops [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Wow 40 years huh? In AU he would have got like 6 month suspended sentence :(

      Like 8 years per store he robbed...

      And in America he would have received a good behaviour bond, if he was of caucasian appearance.

      Oh no I di'nt.

      Yeah and in VIC it'll probably be 3 :P. Gotta love living in Melbourne lol

      lol Yeah they actually have this thing called "justice" in the United States. Apparently it works? All I know is I'm gonna go watch Mad Max again.

      6 months? here?! hahaha what are you talking about mate?! more like 30 days community service (serves 15).

      You forget he'd be a minority here. We still haven't fully said "sorry" yet, so this will show him how sorry we actually are.

    40 years for theft. That's a lot of time to have a good long think about what you've done wrong.

    "38 with Edge card" -snorts chocolate milk everywhere-

    Hey Brink. In Oz it wouldnt even go before a judge. Our laws are shite :(

      I entirely agree. In Aus he'd prob go to jail for maybe 6 months and when upon being released be giving money as we do to help them start out again...

    America, land of the free if your white anglo saxon christian!

    That is the best headline ever.

    Well it is ARMED robbery.

    I don't think we'd slap a mere 6 months on armed robbery. But I know little about our legal system.

    40 years? Bit harsh isn't it?

      ... ah, no? When was the last time you committed armed robbery? If the answer is "well, never" then well, thats why you're a free man.

    He should have killed some one.. He would be out sooner.

    if only Australia had some form of justice. The first posters are right, 6 months suspended sentence if that.

    40 years for robbing a few shops. That's 2 life sentences and he didn't even hurt anybody. Armed robbery? He had a friggin' BOX CUTTER.

    They might as well have executed him, it'd have about the same effect on his life. 40 years in jail is basically like death only you're alive to suffer through it. Anyone who unironically calls this "justice" is a douchebag.

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