Gaming Bar To Conquer Sydney, Melbourne, The World

Gaming Bar To Conquer Sydney, Melbourne, The World
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It may have only opened in Brisbane this March, but the Mana Bar – Australia’s first bar dedicated to video games – is about to spread its message of games and booze to the rest of the world.

Mana Bar director Guy “Yug” Blomberg told Delimiter, “After only four months of being open, I can confirm that we will be expanding and opening up Mana Bars in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as internationally.”

Despite being open for less than six months, the Mana Bar’s success hasn’t been a surprise to its owners and expansion had always been part of the grand plan.

“From the sheer amount of effort we’ve had to put in to make this happen, if it wasn’t as least a minor success by now we’d have to severely question the last year of our lives,” Blomberg told Kotaku. “Expanding to other cities is the logical next step for us, there’s been enough people demanding it on our Facebook and Twitter, and realistically the Mana Bar is established enough to justify it.”

No date for the Sydney or Melbourne launches have been set, nor is Blomberg ready to reveal exactly where either bar will be located.

“There are alot of factors involved with opening a bar. One small thing could delay us for a month… much like video game release dates I suppose. At this stage, let’s just keep it to the next few months.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into the locations, and listened to a lot of the feedback from the communities. We have plenty of big exciting plans up our sleeves that we’ll be able to put into play for the new venues. There will be events and promotions we can do specific to each city that promises to make each bar unique.”

And as for world domination?

“We have been in talks with people from around the world ever since we opened, who want a Mana Bar in their countries,” says Blomberg. “I can’t give you too much more information as we’re currently in discussions with lawyers and all that jazz, but needless to say you can expect to see Mana Bar’s in the US, UK and Europe sooner than you think.”

While we wait for more news, those of you in Brisbane can head on down to the Mana Bar tonight for your chance to play PSN brawler SCott Pilgrim Vs. The World at the game’s official Aussie launch.


  • So I guess we’ll see if it can stand on its own two feet without constant Yahtzee appearances! I think it can, just sayin, his celebrity would be helping the Brisbane one out a lot. I’m just hoping they put more than one in Sydney. The City is a pain to get to/from.

  • I would love a mana bar in Sydney. My local is full of tradies and council workers. But, I don’t want to see this in some horrible area like the cross or some other swanky park of the city that I don’t like to go to. I really don’t like to deal with the scene when I go out there.

    • Would you believe I never got to go before I moved down to Hobart? It’s going to seem weird my going back to Brissy later this year and taking time out to drop by the Mana Bar to check it out.

  • Hmm, seems exciting, but i hardly have any time to do anything these days, hope i can make it down to the Sydney one when it opens.

  • You can’t really have a huge night out at the mana bar, considering it closes at 12 and is pretty small 😛

    But yeah the one in Brisbane is in the middle of the ‘night club’ district.

    • Saving money due to alcohol licensing laws (or whatever the excuse was) can’t be used as an excuse any more for keeping the bar capacity small and keeping the hours short, if they have the money/plans to open interstate, let alone internationally.

      • I haven’t been there personally, but maybe the operators simply prefer to keep their business small and intimate.

      • The size isn’t really the issue, it’s big enough to be okay, I mean there’s not a ton of places to sit but when your drinking you don’t care too much. Would be nice if it was open till at least 2 though.

  • I thought the election was hinting it, but I guess this just confirms it… anything west of Cape York and Bass Straight is international.

    Good to know.

  • Um… Pardon my ignorance, but isn’t ‘ManaBar’ the same thing as ‘Barcode’ that opened up here in Melbourne when Crown Casino did, all the way back in the 90’s?

    Video games? Check. Alcohol (with overpriced cocktail list)? Check. Skeezy western-suburbanites? Check.

    • Oh no, not people from the west. How did you cope?!

      Anyway, Barcode was shit. I remember something like $4 for Daytona. No.

      Interested in Mana, but the pictures of the Brisbane one make it look like a ‘cocktail lounge’, rather than a bar. If that’s the case, the novelty will wear off quickly.

      • Feeling better Im not the only one who remembers that… it annoys me everytime I hear its the first. Its not first in the world and definitely not the first in Australia. Just irks me.

  • Can only hope that they’ll give us one in Perth. Something like that would get a lot of support over here. Would be pretty annoyed if it were to go overseas before coming to the west.

  • It hasn’t even operated for a full fiscal year and they’re already talking about expanding?

    I’m sure they have business advisors far more experienced and knowledgeable than I am on the matter, but they run the risk of stretching themselves too thin too early. I’d be more concerned about whether the Brisbane bar can maintain its popularity and profitability once the novelty (it’s a bar for GAMERS! And we’ve got YAHTZEE!) wears off.

    • I don’t think drunk people wanting to play games is really going to stop happening.

      The main things about the mana bar that are good are.

      1. Everyone else is at least a semi-nerd.
      2. Drinks are cheap
      3. Free playing games?

      The bad things are.

      1. Small.
      2. Closes early.
      3. The kids that only drink energy drinks pwn everyone else.

  • As always, Sydney and Melbourne win while everyone else is shafted.

    Happens for live gigs from overseas, so surprising Mana Bar want to do it to everyone else as well. 😛
    (If they MIGHT expand all around Oz, they could at least SAY SO!)

  • Anyone been and know what their drinks are like? Both quality and price. These are pretty much dealbrekers for me when choosing a regular bar.

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