Gender-Bending Game Characters: The Revenge

In his last role-reversal gallery, artist David Stonecipher largely interpreted female video game roles as if they were portrayed by male characters. He's followed that up with a gallery of famous male characters, as portrayed by the fairer sex.

Stonecipher prefixed all of these with "Lady" so, that's not Mega Woman, Earthworm Jane or Samantha Fisher, but "Lady Mega Man", "Lady Earthworm Jim" and "Lady Sam Fisher", Sounds like one of those school nicknames that just goes wrong, like "Lady Gamecocks" or "Lady Bulls".

But take a gander at these eight images and vouch for your favourite. You can also see more of Stonecipher's work at this link.

The Return of the Game Character Gender Swap []


    I didn't know the chick from Roxette was in FF7....

    Earthworm Jimmette is a little strange.

    They are kind of in the same style as that cartoon that was on SBS a while ago, some chick in a black suit? They made a movie of it... can't remember the name of it off the top of my head.

      Aeon Flux!

    cloud as a woman? ...with japan obessed on androgyny who can really tell?

      ill agree with that, cloud looks essentially the same

      Wait... Cloud is supposed to be a man?

      I never really get that joke- Cloud is NOT actually very effeminate. Yes, his hair is kind of long and his face could generously be described as "pretty". No, he does NOT look like a girl. Seriously. That's just a stereotype people trot out to mock JRPG characters for not being steroid-overdosed grunting morons like the cast of Gears of War. Except during that bit in FFVII when you had to have him crossdress.

      Here, look at this classic image:
      If you honestly can't tell whether that's a guy or a girl, I think you need your bloody eyes checked.

    Love the MegawoMan and Earthworm Jimette.

    Earthworms are hermaphrodites, so the last image is moot.

    I don't think I've ever seen Cloud looking so macho before.

    Wolfina does a far better Fem-Dante;

    Earthworm Jim and Sonic look... disturbing...

    Also, what is going on with Ryu and Sam Fischer's NECKS?!?! They are like a foot long.

    I was eating a Picnic bar when I saw the Earthworm Jim one... it wasn't pretty.

    the female link is quite... busty, and at the bottom of the pic on the site, it had an add for a book to stop back pain...

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