Girls, You Look Different

The next generation of Pokemon, Pokemon: Black and White, is wall-to-wall with new Pocket Monsters. That isn't it, though.

A preview for the new anime, Pokemon: Best Wish!, shows what looks like a new Nurse Joy-type character (compare above with Nurse Joy). She is visible in the early batch of screenshots released for the game.

It also shows a new Officer Jenny-type character (likewise, compare with above). Details on both of these Best Wish! characters are forthcoming.

New Nurse Joy And Officer Jenny In Pokémon: Best Wishes [Siliconera]


    uuuurgh do not want ='(

    Don't change what we know and love :(

    The return of the civic infinituplets!

    Siliconera was spot on with "it's the end of an era".

    All good things must come to an end. Question for those of you who are avid pokemon fans... I owned both red and blue on the original game boy and played them to death. How much am I going to be blown away by a current gen pokemon game release?

      I wouldn't say 'blown away' but it's like a feeling of "This is so freaking awesome", imagine the original games, but everything is ramped up and made cooler.

    Nooo! Don't break Brock's heart!!

      Brock will not be happy!

    Come on, isn't it time for something different for once?
    I think it's silly they've even made equivalents of those characters.

    I always knew Officer Jenny was a lesbian..

    bigger boobs pls loljk

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