Global Agenda Gets A Facelift

This dynamic new login screen will greet Global Agenda players this afternoon, heralding the completion of the Sandstorm update, bringing sweeping changes to the game's Agency-Vs-Agency PVP. Want to see the login screen that didn't make the cut?

Today developer Hi-Rez Studios finally completes the Sandstorm game update for Global Agenda that started rolling out in June, transforming the face of the now free-to-play MMO.

While today's update brings many smaller changes to the game's systems, from removing consumables in PvP to cleaning up maps and tweaking weapon stats, the main focus is the game's persistent Agency-Vs-Agency battles. Season lengths have been changed to two weeks, zone open times have been modified, and Agencies will no longer be able to dictate when their facilities are open for attack, with rotating hours of production taking the place of player choice.

With such a strong focus on fighting against other agencies, perhaps this unapproved login screen concept we acquired would have better represented the direction Global Agenda is going in.

On second thought, that might be sending the wrong message.

The Global Agenda servers should be up around 3pm Eastern time today. In the meantime, check out the patch notes for a list of changes to expect when the game comes back online.


    The shorter season lengths coupled with the change to hex open times based on the maps designated time zone are a huge boost imo.

    It will go a LONG way to opening up AvA to significantly smaller (read; less then 100) member Agencies.

    Dividing the AvA maps into zones changes things strategically also. Might stop seeing agencies attacking completely random hexes and cause them to pause for thought.

    Now maybe they can sort out the Robotics class...

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