GoldenEye 007 In Action

Activision's return to classic shooter GoldenEye 007 puts you in the shoes of Daniel Craig's take on a grittier, no-nonsense James Bond as he works his way through a new treatment of the classic movie.

The game also, of course, includes some pretty amazing Wii multiplayer matches. Check it out.


    God, the nostalgia...

    Hmm, I'm not a Daniel Craig fan, so that and the fact they've added XP to multi-player is disappointing. Having Oddjob able to throw his hat instead of grenades is awesome though.

    Even keeps the nostalgia alive with the N64 grade graphics!

      That's not funny.

      Nothing is funny.

    Wait i don't understand is this Modern Warfare 2 with some new skins or a new Goldeneye game, because it looks a lot like Modern Warfare.

    Do they actually think this will sell? Half the reason GoldenEye was such a hit was that it was the best type of game for its time.. we've moved on since then.

      I would sell if it was ps3 and 360, wii is just a joke with its hardware.

        Normally I'm with the 'Graphics ins't everything' crowd, but I'm going to have to agree with Matt on this one.

        Not just the graphics, but the Xbox and PS3 have a much better online multi-player system. The only real selling point of having it on the Wii is that nostalgic Nintendo fans (like me!) will buy it.

        IMO, it'll probably be great for a spot of MP carnage at a LAN party... but we'll probably go back to Halo 3 within the hour.

          It would sell better all around if it was on PC, just sayin' it IS an FPS.

          Wii is better for actually playing the game than the Xbox or the PS3. Regardless of graphics or sales.

    Love it, but why Daniel Craig?!

      Because who the hell is Pierce Brosnan these days? =P

    Wii loves all the haters..

    Games looking good, talk about walk down memory lane, how many countless hours were spent playing that game..

    Meh. I loved the original but this just doesn't interest me.

    I still want the HD Perfect Dark. Part of the charm is the shitty graphics.

    I would buy a HD version of the original like Perfect Dark on XBLA. This is just another ordinary fps trying to sell itself off the reputation of a beloved older game.

    Who cares if gameplay has moved on since the original, many of us want the original regardless.

    lol, 'jungle' map and it's just a small plant.

    Well its Activision, so they'll probably charge you $20 for another 3 classic maps and 2 new ones 1 month down the road, because hey, they can.

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