GoldenEye On Wii Gets A Golden Controller

Sensing perhaps that there was room in the market for an official peripheral for the upcoming GoldenEye, Activision and Nintendo have teamed up to release this gold-coloured Classic Controller Pro.

The limited edition controller - which looks more "pimp" than "Bond" - will be available as part of a bundle including GoldenEye itself, which will cost $US70 in total.

Smart move releasing a gold Classic instead of a gold Wii Remote; old-time fans will surely prefer analogue control over waggle, particulalry given the improvements made to controllers since the days of the Nintendo 64.

Kotaku AU Note: We'll chase up Activision for word on whether this is coming to Australia. Activision has confirmed we'll get the gold controller bundle here, too.

Be the Man With the Golden…Classic Controller Pro [IGN]


    Thats a toight controller.

      It's solid goooooooold!

      And toight like a toiger.

        That reminds me of that old Late Show(AUS) skit from the 90s ; "He made love to me like a Tiger.""Like a tiger".

        Rob Sitch when he still had hair!

    And I was just about to buy a Black Classic Controller Pro for 9 bucks on eBay.... Wait, I can still get this. Shame that this game is only on Wii though. It would be so much better Multiplatform.

    This just reminds me that I missed out on the gold edition N64's when the original Goldeneye came out. =(

    But... But... I wanted to keep my money...

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