Goodbye, "ATI"

Nvidia vs ATI. To PC gamers who are big on their hardware races, it's like Ford vs GM, Packers vs Bears or Sony vs Microsoft. Sadly, it's a fight that's about to get a name change.

When processing giant AMD bought ATI a few years back, it kept the old name around, but with a new line of chips on the way that combine the duties of both a processor and a graphics card, the company feels that keeping both the ATI and AMD brands around would just confuse people.

So ATI is gone. The name "Radeon" will stick around, but with the future of processing lying with these "hybrid" chips, even that will soon carry less clout. For graphics card fanboys, then, it's a case of the times, they are a'changin.

AMD to dump ATI brand [The Register]


    Nvidia FTW!!!


      amd will walk all over you.

    They would be stupid to stop making high end consumer cards, all they will do is have better onboard stuff for the lower end market

    make some mid line products that work more cohesively with motherboards, and still make the high end products they do now, just without the ATI tag at the front.

    Ati Radeon XXXX / AMD Radeon XXX

      Yup, that's exactly what they're gonna do. They're not pulling out of the graphics card market.

    I'm going to miss the cool "ATi " logo that you see on computer decals. Oh well.

      "AMd" could be a good looking logo. Done right, of course.

    I want 3DFX to make a comeback. 2x Voodoo2 12Mb cards in SLI was badass. 1024x768 max resolution!

    Sounds like Voodoo all over again!

    Interesting, I would have thought that 'discrete graphics aware' respondents would have indicated ATI to be the stronger brand.

    But of course they may have been polling people visiting AMD's processor section of their site with the first question being "Are you aware that PC's may have separate graphic cards" to classify respondents. Surveys can be made to give any response you want based on how you ask the questions and how you select your respondent pool.

    Would seem to me to be a way to actually strengthen the AMD brand rather than simply reinforcing it's supposedly already strong position.

    I preferred ATi cards.

    I scrounged up the cash for some Radeon 64mb card (9500?) when I was a teenager and I loved it.

    A couple of years ago I got a Nvidia 9600GT and that was great too, especially when I overclocked it.

    Now I have a 5700 and probably going crossfire with it.

    To be honest I don't know why I preferred ATi, don't give me wrong though, I loved my NVidia card. Much like unknown reason I prefer ASUS over GIGABYTE.

    This might be good news though in a way. It will make the market less confusing and who cares, since both companies have melded we get the best of both worlds.

    I gave ATI cards a chance, but they always freeze up or have huge counter-productive issues. So I've stuck with the slightly pricier yet reliable Nvidia cards.

    Man I have no idea what you guys are talking about...such a computer noob...

    As longs as the competitivness continues I'm happy. That means cheaper, faster cards for us consumers.

    Meh, I've always used ATI cards for no particular reason. The name change doesn't phase me too much. Just that before, it was ATI (red) vs nvidia (green). But now they're marketing them under AMD (green) which is going to be weird.

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