Gran Turismo 5 Designer Responds To Italian Controversy

Officials from the Italian city of Siena are ticked that the city's Piazza del Campo is a track in Gran Turismo 5. There have been legal threats with Siena saying it'll seize the game.

What does that mean for the game's November release?

The issue, as Kotaku previously posted, is not just the buildings. It is that the location is also the site of the Palio di Siena, a bareback horse race. The flags and colours of the 17 contrade or districts, which contest the Palio, appear in the game. Siena is upset that Polyphony Digital did not get permission to use the flags.

When asked if the flag problem was going to hold up the game's release date, Gran Turismo 5 designer Kazunori Yamauchi replied via Twitter, "We can remove them in an instant." However, he added that the flags are part of the scenery's radiant beauty.

"Erasing them is somewhat regrettable," Yamauchi added.

Kotaku is following up with Sony to determine whether the flags will in fact be removed from the final version of the game.

山内 一典 (Kaz_Yamauchi) [Twitter]


    did anyone actually think that Yamauchi would say anything different ?

    i mean they are flags for gods sake, removed from the game in ten mins and fixed.

    if these officials had any brains at all they would see it as free advertising.

    They can always just put an extra circle on each of the flags or change the color schemes. Then it won't be a violation of whatever they are complaining about bcuz it will no longer be the original flag!

      That's not a blue flag, thats a LIGHT blue flag XD

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