Gran Turismo 5 Limited Editions Unveiled & Priced

Gran Turismo 5 Limited Editions Unveiled & Priced

Sony has just confirmed not one but two limited editions for long-awaited driving sim Gran Turismo 5. Let’s take a look.

First up is the mere Collector’s Edition, pictured below, containing:

* Exclusive Special Edition inlay sleeve art * 200+ page Apex driver’s magazine with hints on driving technique, car tuning, future technologies and more * Five Collector’s Edition artcards featuring exclusive artwork * In-game ChromeLine vehicle pack: five performance-enhanced cars ready to race * Exclusive dynamic theme to customise your PS3 XMB

Not bad, not bad. But what if you want more?

Sony has heard you. You have, after all, been waiting a long time for this game. So, for the GT fanatics, they also have the Signature Edition, pictured below, containing everything from the Collector’s Edition (except the five artcards) plus the following:

* An exclusive, branded Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 1:43 scale model car * A Gran Turismo leather wallet and metal Gran Turismo key fob * A Signature Edition coffee table book featuring the beautiful cars and locations of Gran Turismo * A bespoke Gran Turismo 5 USB key with a trailer showing the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Polyphony * Six additional in-game Stealth cars including the McLaren F1 and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and a dynamic theme * For those 18 or over and resident in a participating country, the chance to win a real-life Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – your very own gull-winged, 6.3-litre-engined supercar * An additional six in-game ‘Stealth’ cars will be made available, which include: Audi R10 TDI, Honda NSX GT500, Mazda 787B, McLaren F1, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and Nissan GT-R GT500

Or, of course, you can just buy the game on its own, without all the frippery.

Sony has yet to price either limited edition for Australia, but we expect to hear more on that come Thursday morning. If the just-announced UK prices are anything to go by, however, that Signature Edition is going to be ridiculously expensive.

UPDATE: No word from Sony on Aussie pricing as yet. However, EB Games has just listed the Collector’s Edition at $118, the same price for which they’re selling the standard edition. And JB Hi-Fi has listed the Signature Edition at – gulp! – $299.

UPDATE #2: And now EB has the Signature Edition at $298.

UPDATE #3: Sony has now confirmed the RRPs of the three versions are as follows: Standard Edition RRP: $119.95 Collector’s Edition RRP: $129.95 Signature Editon RRP: $299.95

Three Gran Turismo 5 editions announced [PlayStation]


  • Wow! I’m guessing what… $200 AUD at least? That’s what the Halo 3/Reach legendary editions cost. The great thing about this edition is it has a lot of USEFUL stuff! The wallet is great, and the coffee table book looks very classy. Not for me though, i’m not really much of a car nut, my brother will go nuts for it however

  • Expecting $300 minimum to buy this considering the European pricing. Not tempting for me personally no matter what comes with it (unless it comes with a REAL free car)

  • depending on price, I might go for the signature edition. I’m slightly disappointed it doesn’t come with a die-cast NIssan GTR but that’s just me 😛

  • Not quite as amazing as I thought it would be, but if the top collectors edition is reasonably priced at around $130-$150 ill grab that, otherwise the standard is fine.

  • The McLaren F1 better not be exclusive to the Signature Edition 🙁

    I hope you can still unlock it or purchase as DLC with the standard edition.

    I’m not buying the game if I can’t drive a McLaren F1, and I’m not buying the Signature Edition!

  • Chances are all the “special” cars will be released as DLC.

    probably $300 for a chance to win a $220,000 mercedes is tempting, but the odds to win it aren’t worth the investment, that’s not to say this isn’t how Limited Editions should be, no more of this free t-shirt stuff most other games do.

    I’ll probably just pick up this game as it is, although car enthusiasts will probably go nuts over this.

    • Signature Edition all the way baby!

      I’m guessing it will be EB Games that gets it, and locking in $249 as the price!

      Want those books! 🙂

      / drools

  • Me Likes… but me thinks it will be an EB exclusive, online only piece and $350 minimum.

    I would but i broke enough as it is.

  • if i liked cars to me that seems like an awesome package as opposed to a making of dvd and a bunch of art work

    the book it self seems rather interesting

  • For one person in the world, it will be the cheapest and greatest collectors edition ever! (The winner of competition contained in the wallet).

    Being the sucka for shiny things, I am all over the wallet edition!

  • Hang on, is that one prize car for each country? Or only one for the whole world to hope to win?? $300 is a lot of dosh…. Such a tough decision. :/

      • Woohoo! Saving a $1.95 at EB Games on the RRP! Bargin!

        AND they are the cheapest!
        / shock!

        time to start putting away $25 a week to cover it! :p

        Did they also confirm the date? November 3rd, 4th or 5th?

  • Holy moly. The signature edition looks like it’s got some great content, but there’s no way I can justify $300. I think I’ll settle with a standard and go buy my own die-cast SLS.

  • For those 18 or over and resident in a participating country, the chance to win..

    So is Aus a ‘participating country’?

    This is prettymuch the make or break for this edition as $300 is a bit much (wouldn’t mind the art book though).

  • That is one damn impressive collectors edition… and a damn expensive price…

    … but DAMN, that’s impressive

  • I’m somewhat amused that people are so willing to poo-poo Kinect for 200 but are climbing over each other to pay 300 for a game + some things that’ll sit in a box on their shelf…

  • Is there even a release date other than just November. I would buy the collectors ed if you can use the 5 car pack in career mode

  • That signature edition is not that special at all if it’s any more than $150-$180 I will laugh at anyone that buys it.

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