Gran Turismo 5 Will Accommodate Optional Hard Drive Install

Gran Turismo 5's base installation is just 256 megabytes. There's also a 10 gigabyte install for roomier drives, according to the series' top designer.

Kazunori Yamauchi, who is also Polyphony Digital's CEO, said via Twitter (translated by Andriasang) that the 10GB install is what you'll want for a "smooth" experience.

What that means exactly is anyone's guess (nor how "less smooth" a 256MB installation would be.) But if you have less than 10GB of space on your PS3, you probably need a bigger drive, or need to clear some crap off your old one. It's nice of Polyphonyto accommodate the pack rats though.

Gran Turismo 5 Has Optional Hard Drive Install [Andriasang]


    Thank god it is a piece of cake to upgrade the hard drive on the PS3. The pre order bonus should be a GT themed Hard Drive... at least it will be something useful.

    I wonder how much the game itself takes up... there is no word on a dual disc so that means it should be less than 50GB...

    Having a 250GB HDD at the moment, it's slowly being chewed upto the point that I'm down to the last 20GB... There is alot of crap on the HDD, but a 500GB has been calling me for sometime... this announcement just helps in justification! :)

    Prologue was about 6gb install wasn't it?

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