Grand Theft Auto IV Looks Great As A First-Person Shooter

Here's what Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV would have looked like were it a first-person shooter, and not a third-person... whatever you like to call these games.

Before you say it, I agree, it's not entirely practical for the purposes of playing the game. Combat, always the trickiest part of a GTA game, is made even trickier when you can't see your surroundings.

But as an exercise in immersing yourself in everything Liberty City has to offer, it's brilliant. When whizzing by in a car or running around in third-person, you may not appreciate how detailed the city is, but drop down to a first-person perspective and you realise how much work went into building the game's world.

This is a mod for the PC version of the game; you can find instructions at the YouTube page of the clip above.


    This is what first-person shooters really should look like IMO. FPSs always have the gun so stiff - most sprinting animations just have the gun moving side to side quickly, where really even just walking forward should have it completely disappear like we see here.

    That actually looks really fun and immersive. Going to give this a shot The shooting cops in the middle of the street looked like you were playing a game version of HEAT.

      First thing that came to mind too. I love the sounds of the city as he's walking around.

    I'd play First person over third any day. The above clip is like watching a whole new game. I played this on xbox, but i'm almost tempted to get it on PC just to play it with this Mod. This is Brillant. I would have like to have seen Mafia 2 in fps. Interesting...

    Mod for PC?
    Then how come the video have the 'Press LB Button to buy burger for $1"?

      Most modern PC games allow the use of an xbox controller.

      Maybe he's playing it with a 360 pad on a PC.

    I would love to play the game like this, would be amazing. Too bad my computer could barely run GTA4 on Medium.

      Hint: It doesn't matter how good your video card is, you cannot play this game smoothly with less than 4 physical CPU cores and 4GB ram.

        Need a friggan i7 for smooth gameplay :s

    Wow, that is awesome.

    Definitely going to check it out.

    What's the odds of getting Rockstar to release an update/patch/DLC for the consoles so we can replay in first person?

    I would seriously replay the entire game and two DLC's if I could play in first-person!

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