Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Revealed

Now that I've posted my impressions of playing one at Gamescom, ArenaNet has gone ahead and posted the official reveal of the next Guild Wars 2 class, the Necromancer.

Once I got home from Gamescom, I hopped onto the original Guild Wars, which I purchased following my post on the Ranger class that everyone loved so much, and gave the original Necromancer a spin. After playing for a few hours, I realised that a) there's a lot more to do in Guild Wars 2 and b) the combat is a lot more satisfying in the sequel.

The coolest part of being a Necromancer in Guild Wars 2 is Life Force, a special power the class collects through items, nearby deaths, and certain skills. When a Necromancer's health hits 0, they use this life force to enter the Death Shroud state. The screen goes dark, and a new set of abilities becomes available. It's very nifty, and you can even click a button to enter Death Shroud at any time, as long as you have the Life Force.

So far this is the class I'd like to play, at least until the Assassin pops up (*crosses fingers).

Check out videos of some of the Necromancer's impressive skills below.


Putrid Explosion

Grasping Dead

Locust Swarm

Life Syphon

The Necromancer [Guild Wars 2]


    This looks WAAAAYYY too good to be an MMO these clips and animations look so much like a console cut-scene.. Can the actual gameplay and interaction be this good??? Promise?

      its not an mmo in the same sense as wow, thats why they can have much nicer visuals, because they dont have to worry about rendering thousands of people constantly in an open world.

    Still waiting for Mesmer reveal... played through every campaign in the first one being the purple trickster... DON'T ROB ME NOW ANET!!

    The only time I've been this eager to play an MMO was with Guild Wars 1. Excitement!

    I wonder if classes in fantasy games will ever move on from the classic archetypes of warrior, mage, rouge, ranger, warlock, priest ect.
    Not sure what else they could do as they fill the basic required roles but they have been done to death.
    You would have to have very unique and specialized classes which could be hard to make fun I guess.

      Guild Wars had the Mesmer at the start which was a very strange and different class to any other traditional archetype that I've ever experienced.

      They added some other different and innovative classes later with the dervish, paragon and ritualist.

      Technically warhammer online had a whole host of super different classes but the polish of the game overall was too lacking to take advantage of it :(

      You never saw the Mesmer, Ritualist, Dervish or Paragon, did you? "Originality" is never something Guild Wars lacked.

    I loved my minion master from GW1. So much fun to play.

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