Guillermo Del Toro Working With Red Faction Developers?

Guillermo Del Toro, the man behind movies like Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone, has said he wants to make video games. Could he be making them with THQ?

That's the impression you get reading an interview over on Eurogamer with THQ's Danny Bilson, where he says:

We're not announcing anything but I can tell you Guillermo del Toro and I are very close friends. He lives about two miles from our office. I'm not confirming anything, but we have a lot of shared vision. We both spent a lot of time in the film business.

Now my PR person is about to smack me upside the head. If we were to do a game with Guillermo and Volition, I would really support that in a big way, personally. But we're not announcing anything yet. I'm not telling you what type of game it is or anything like that, if we were to do something. But I can tell you... [Bilson is muted] .

...But he and I are good friends. We get along great. We have a lot of shared sensibility. He's a big fan of my previous work in the film business and I'm a big fan of his current work in the film business. He plays a lot of videogames and he lives practically next door so we hang out a lot and have a lot of fun.

What an odd thing to say. It's like he wanted to make an official announcement, back-pedalled to just wanting to give a hint, then got stuck halfway and did both.

It'd be fascinating to see what Del Toro could bring to games, seeing as he's both a passionate gamer and a guy as renowned for his vision and creativity as his raw film-making skills.

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