Gun Week, Gaming's Fixation With Firearms

Gun Week is our week-long exploration of video games' signature obsession: guns. Even gamers who wouldn't own a gun usually love to shoot the virtual ones. Here are the stories, images and videos that attest to that.

(This post will be updated throughout the week.)

Look At (Almost) All The Light Guns One of the experiences that unites gamers is that so many of us have picked up a plastic gun and pointed it at our TV. History has given us dozens of light guns. Here, a gallery of greats and not-so-greats...

Gunfusion: They Gave Sonic The Hedgehog A Handgun, Sort Of Sometimes, the obsession with guns in video games gets ridiculous. During Gun Week, we celebrate such acts of "gunfusion". Let us lament the existence of Shadow The Hedgehog, the game starring Sonic's gun-toting... brother/cousin/whoknows. Shadow, put the gun down.

The History of Headshots, Gaming's favourite Act Of Unreal Violence It may seem ghoulish to the outsider. It will seem essential to the gamer. One of the most popular things to do in video games is to aim for the head with a gun and fire. Who thought of that? And why do people like doing it so much?

Welcome To Gun Week Gamers and the people who make games are crazy about guns. Visit a gaming shop and you'll see walls of boxes that feature, somewhere on them, guns. Have the last five video games you've played included guns? Most of them, probably yes.

(This post will be updated throughout the week.)


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