Gunfusion: They Gave Sonic The Hedgehog A Gun, Sort Of

Sometimes, the obsession with guns in video games gets ridiculous. During Gun Week we celebrate such acts of "gunfusion". Let us lament the existence of Shadow The Hedgehog, the game starring Sonic's gun-toting... brother/cousin/whoknows. Shadow, put the gun down. [PIC]


    Shadow the Hedgehog is probably the epitome of bad sonic games. The only move stupider than giving Shadow a gun... was giving sonic a sword (Sonic and the Black Knight)

      I respectfully disagree. I'd have to say that Sonic 06 is the epitome of bad Sonic games. It really just got nothing right. No Sonic game should EVER have loads mid-level, especially not multiple ones per level that ranged from 30 seconds to a minute. Animations were bad (Tails constantly looked like a puppet, for example), physics were horribly bugged, it would load every time you spoke to a townsperson and then load again once you'd finished, the story was painful, Silver was an extremely poor and obvious Trunks clone, and the game was half finished when it was released (there's still GUI elements left in game for an ability levelling system that is still mentioned in the manual, but isn't implemented in-game).

      At least most of Shadow could be played without using weapons, and there was the occasional bit of fun gameplay before it all came crashing down.

    I'd say the worst part of Shadow the Hedgehog was that in order to get the true ending you had to beat it... 11 times? Somewhere around there.

    Shadow is one of those games where the phrase "Curiousity killed the Chuloopa" comes to mind.

    I was really intrigued to see what it would be like.. but in the end it was just a pile of rubbish and Shadow was a completely unlikable JERK!

    Also, why did he need a gun? I don't like the idea of hedgehogs packing heat.. i mean they're bad enough if you touch them, but when they can pop you at long range... that's some flipped up shiz...

      Ah but is that better or worse than being popped at range WITH a hedgehog?

      Don't forget the history of violence perpetrated whereby hedgehogs themselves were mere tools of our demise; vehicle to vehicle ordinance in Wacky Wheels, the various indigenous lifeforms of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath... in fact it wouldn't surprise me if the very invention of shuriken was inspired by a frozen platter of sliced hedgehog!
      (I suspect that sea urchins are actually the result of secret military experiments in developing underwater-capable weaponised hedgehog technology!)

    I remember getting this, and being rapt about it, only to start playing it and not being able to control Shadow at all. He moved uncontrollably fast... Nothing like running into walls/off the level.

    This is my favourite sonic game!

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