Guy Who Makes Hard Games Would Like To Apologise

Guy Who Makes Hard Games Would Like To Apologise

Tomonobu Itagaki, the cigarette smokin’ and hard drinkin’ game designer behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, has something to say. He would like to say he’s sorry.

“Look, I’ll say it: The boss character in Dead Or Alive 4 was definitely too difficult,” Itagaki tells Edge magazine. “I’ll apologise for it. I’m the one who did that, and I’m sorry.”

“But, look, Ninja Gaiden, it was absolutely intentional that it be that difficult,” he continued. “That game was a revival version of a classic game for old-school gamers, so I wanted to make the hardcore happy.” And everyone else unhappy?

Ninja Gaiden II, however, is another story, Itagaki says. Another sad, sad story. “Ninja Gaiden II, though, I really wanted more people to enjoy that, but… we ran out of time for balancing. That was a tragedy. Really.”

That doesn’t mean his upcoming game, Devil’s Third, will be another frustrating tragedy. Itagaki contests that there is “nothing to worry about”, because the game’s publisher THQ is offering testing support to help ensure the title is balanced.

“It’s going to be the best game ever,” Itagaki adds. Ever!

News: Itagaki: Devil’s Third is ‘best game ever’ [ via GamesRadar]


  • With Ninja Gaiden on xbox the difficulty wasnt an issue for me personally. It was the save system. Far too much time between saves. Having to replay the same 30 minute section again because i died at the 3rd boss in a row isnt a challenge, its frustrating. Have the saves closer together makes a big difference. If i die at a boss id like to be able to go back to the start of that boss fight. not go back half an hour.
    unless a game is demon’s souls which someone makes you not frustrated by dying at a boss and having to go back to the start of a level, then saves need to be close together. games like uncharted, the call of duty games, killzone etc would be a lot more frustrating if they didnt have regular checkpoints.

    • I agree totally. I love how hard the game is. Having to replay the Triple boss battle at the end of 2 though was possible one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced.

  • Well, I’ve finished every single one the sega shinobi series – and I have to say, Ninja Gaiden was just a piece of cake! (I did finish on hard, both I & II)

  • I hate it how people always whine when games are ‘too hard’. While i’ll agree there’s a definite difference between bad design and intentional difficulty, games of the like of Ninja Gaiden, Contra and Demon Souls are definitely the latter. Some players LIKE hard games, they LIKE actually being challenged. You shouldn’t whine about not being able to finish Contra the same way I shouldn’t whine about Final Fantasy XXXX having too much grinding. JRPG’s are not for me, and hard games are not for you. Deal with it.

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