Halo: Reach Live-Action Trailer: No Spartans, No Shooting, No Explosions

Microsoft has released a new trailer for Halo: Reach today, and it's continuing the franchise's tradition of eschewing pre-rendered cinematics in favour of real men being shot by real cameras.

It's not as flashy as the first live-action Reach trailer, nor is it as memorable as the ODST clip, but it's probably just intended to set the scene for the events of Reach, and it does a good enough job of that.

I just hope "insurrectionist" isn't a word we hear a lot of in the game. A real word it may be, but it's an ugly one.

The clip is one of several that were actually first made available to Halo fans playing an alternate reality game; if the others turn up, we'll post them too.


    im a diehard halo fan, but this isn't much to get excited about.

    it's actually quite strange, ever since i preordered reach i'm not as exctited anymore. i think i'm looking forward to the release of the last, final halo game from bungie, and not so much the actual game. strange...

      Im keen to see how the SP goes :D not much has been released about the SP which is where my passion is with halo :D

    Ummm, just wondering where they were told that it was released to the public? I've been on Bnet and the Halo Reach forum has been going absolutely INSANE over all of this. None of these videos were apparently supposed to be released until next week.

    Hm. So we're talking the next installment of an incredibly successful and profitable franchise and their live action trailer has a bunch of guys standing in snow wearing costumes talking? Probably cost them $200 in costume hire and extras.

    No hatin guys, but you can do better (as seen with the ODST trailer) or at least give us something more substantial.

      They will make it into some mini series i bet... Start the story with the basic intro and action will roll in after a few more runs...

      Im keen to see how the story plays out in Reach :) after watching legends i sorta get a better understanding where this game fits in now :)

        Have you read the books? If so, you'll know pretty much exactly where the Reach story is heading...

    Referring to "insurrectionist", from what I remember of Halo's backstory most of the rebel action ("the Insurrection") had ended by the time Reach is set - from what we've seen the game's plot just involves the Covenant.

    Mixed feelings, honestly. The dialogue felt very odd (almost desperate to sound credible?) and it seems a strange sort of trailer to release for hype purposes.

      While you're right about most of the Insurrectionist activity being ended by the time of the Fall of Reach, the 'Innies' did still exist during the Covenant War. In fact, I distinctly remember the remaining Spartans (other than the Chief), along with Dr Halsey, returning to the 'Innine' asteroid base and striking a deal with the leaders there for mutual defense against the Covenant.

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