Halo: Reach Reveals Its Achievements

Bungie's latest Weekly Update delivered the achievement art, and conditions, for Halo: Reach, rolling it out in a way that lets you look at the pretty badges without spoilering any campaign details.

That poster is all of the game's 49 achievements. Below, you'll find the conditions for winning them, according to their number on the image. Happy cheevin'!

Bungie Weekly Update [Bungie, thanks Joey D.]


    This doesn't seem right at all.

    Only 4 achievements for Multiplayer?

      There's a couple that come under Player Experience and Firefight which can technically qualify multiplayer achievements, but there's no doubt bungie will expand those further down the track.

      Personally, I'd rather there be less multiplayer orientated achievements. Not only do they end up making players do retarding things in games (Mongoose Mowdown was a good example of that, but further down the track when the player base will fade, it's difficult for latecomers.

      Yeah the less Multiplayer Achievements there are the better.

      Thats one thing that annoyed me about Halo 3 was that for a casual player like me who wasnt playing it all the time and stuff, were that the achievements were frustrating since they had to be in Lone Wolf games, were getting alot of them were difficult if you werent playing it all the time and improving your skills...

      The customization options and unlocks I think are a good replacement for MP Achievements, since it still gives you something to grind away at the multiplayer for, and gives more casual players a chance to get more of the achievements.

      Well done Bungie, not everyone is an MP Gamer these days

    LOL "That's a knife"

    The four multiplayer specific achievements are great as more can be added latter with DLC, and these ones take skill and teamwork as opposed to blind luck like many of Halo 3's ("Two for One" I'm looking at you!)

    Overall I'm disappointed though. There are achievements for using a health pack, recommending a file, uploading a file and swapping a weapon with an AI which are all extremely easy and waste of good achievement space.

    Firefight achievements are all great. I think I'll go for those after I play campaign. Speaking of which, are there 9 or 10 levels? There is no achievement for completing the first level but they number up to 10. Those who say it's a tutorial or cinematic forget Halo had a cinematic that didn't count towards the level total and Sierra 117 had it's own level complete badge. This annoys the crap out of OCD idiots like myself.

    The weapon achievements are too easy, "10 kills with [Pistol,DMR,Needler Rifle]", I'll get those three within 5 minutes of first level. Make it 100 kills or 10 headshots with each weapon and then you've got a fun little challenge.

    They also decided to go with ODST's unique activity achievement per level as opposed to Halo 3's metagame achievements. Although they could potentially be fun I doubt they would be as challenging and sound like they won't reward players for being "good" at the campaign. "A monument to all your sins" (Complete the Campign on Ledgendary solo) makes up for that though.

    Well that ended up being longer than I thought...

      A lot of the achievements you're complaining about are designed in the same way that a good portion of the Starcraft II achievements were designed. They are there not to show how awesome you are at the game, but as a carrot there to tempt you to explore sections of the game that you may otherwise not do so. Basically, they're not achievements for you, but the people who wouldn't come visit a site like Kotaku, but buy Reach because it's the next Halo game.

    Yeah while I like not having 2for1 style achievements some of them are pretty weak.
    Leading you into exploring aspects of the game is one thing but stuff like trading weapons with an AI or purchasing something from the armory is pretty damn basic and could be introduced in a way that doesn't waste an achievement.
    Also: "Perform an Assassination." Really? "Mid-air Assassination.": awesome. "Assassinate someone who is Assassinating your teammate.": cool. But anyone can accidentally punch a grunt in the back.

    how come there isn't an achievement for level 1?

    i'm pretty sure that VI is the space mission

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