Halo: Reach's Live-Action 'Deliver Hope' Brings The Combat To Live

Forget the civilian bickering, the standing around in the dark, Halo: Reach's game-setting live-action videos have suddenly gotten very real, very explodey.

This is the sort of video that delivers chills and the burning desire to play through a game.

Starting on August 29, the Deliver Hope campaign kicks off for real, with the live-action short hitting a multitude of networks including CBS, NBC, FOX, MTV, Spike TV, Comedy Central, SyFy, ESPN, F/X, TNT, TBS, Discovery Channel, G4 and more.

The game, of course, hits on September 14.


    Heaps better than the other ones indeed...

    "Little girly scream of excitement"

    That's more like it!

    Huge fan of that.
    I like how the second spartan doesn't stop to see if he is ok or anything, just a silent "I'll finish what you started."

    Good ad up until he jet packs. That cracked me up. INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!

    When the hell are they going to make the movies???

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