"Halo: The Fall Of Reach" Comes To Shelves Today

That would be bookshelves, kids, in bookstores. A new revision of Eric Nylund's "Halo: The Fall of Reach", first published in 2001, went on sale today with 27 pages of new material.

What's in the new trade paperback? Glad you asked. According to a release from Tor Books, you get:

• Excerpts of Office of Naval Intelligence interrogations of the Covenant. • Missives and mandates issued by the Covenant • Declassified transmissions regarding the defence of Reach • A personal insight into the Spartan program • The Official Evacuation Order for all inhabitants of Reach. • Five sketches of cover art by 343 Industries artist, Robogabo.

Next, Tor will release new editions of "Halo: The Flood" by William C. Dietz (on September 28) and "Halo: First Strike" (also by Nylund, on December 7). Then around Christmas, the first book in the new Halo Forerunners trilogy will arrive.


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