Happy Birthday Trials HD

Trials HD turns one today. Kotaku reader FatShady (currently ranked 216th on the global Trials HD leaderboard) baked it a cake, as seen on the RedLynx forums.


    Wooot, well done FatShady! Love the way redlynx thanked you as well. I have to ask again, have you done trials 2 se from steam?
    cake=win/or lies

      I can't do it. I know the xbox controller Does work with the pc version I just can't get the hang of it. Xbox only sorry.


    Once again - killer effort, mate!

    Wow Shady, how do you find time to post record length forum comments AND bake game-theme cakes?

    If only there was an explody-barrel candle on top...

    Awesome game, I liked it so much I bought it twice!

    Love the Paddlepop stick ramps!

    Reminds me of my childhood.

    I've been using trials HD to teach level design and physics to kids, and they totally love it! Killer cake fat-shady!

    Light the sparklers!

      Check the link. I did light el and ended buning my hand and setting off my smoke alarm.

    Did the cake taste as epic as it looks?

      No.. for accuracy 'shady went so far as to use a combination of mud and steel...

      Actually tasted pretty ordinary but worth it. I got a toy bike out of it though.

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