Hasta La Vista, Kotaku

I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. Failing that, I need you to get into this thread and terminate this week with extreme prejudice (read: stimulating conversation).

Next time we see each other, Kotaku readers, I'll be on German time. Only the finest German beers, sausages, rouladen, sauerkraut and potatoes can make me forget about this week.

Have a good weekend, gang.


    On Scott Pilgrim, I just want to point out after reading that article that just as there are some people not in the target audience that like the film, there are people in the target audience that don't like it.

    I'm a gamer and I enjoy comic books. I like the effects and some of the references in the movie, but honestly believe the whole thing to be far too kiddy and immature for my liking.

    However I'd also like to point out that this is solely my opinion, I'm not saying the movie is horrible, just that it didn't appeal to my tastes. To complain about critics criticising a movie seems like a fruitless effort, it is a subjective thing, if you don't like the reviewers then don't read their reviews. They are bound to hate some things you love and love some things you hate.

      I think that the article was also trying to make the point that liking or not liking the film is a completely separate issue to liking or not liking the target audience. Many of the mentioned reviews, rather than focusing on the film, were disparaging towards the 'target audience', making comments that were droll and potentially offensive to people like me, or you, or possibly anyone reading Kotaku.

      I agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that these don't have to agree with the stereotype for one's 'social category', but the stuff those reviewers said was plain wrong, and they needed to be brought to task.

      Also, I absolutely loved the film :P

    I liked the film, but you can't blame the movie for the audience giving you a bad experiance.

    I went to see Star Wars (the new trilogy) 2 or 3 on release because my brother had tickets. To one of these big midnight sessions. The Fans where going absolutely nuts, cheering every little thing for so long you missed most of what came after. Does that make the movie bad, no. Does it mean I picked the wrong time to see it? Yes.

    I saw Scott Pilgrim, in a small cinema with few people, it's how I like to see all movies. I generally get to enjoy things without the audiance screwing it up. People who talk loudly or play with their phones in cinemas drive me nuts.

    If the movie sucks, walk out. Don't start texting people.

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