Heavy Weapon Now Considerably Lighter

It's time once again to look at the specials on the Australian PlayStation Store. What can you save money on by spending money on this week?

Side-scrolling shooter Heavy Weapon is the pick of the bunch, marked down nearly 50%. It was worth your money at full price; now it would be churlish not to.

In fact, perusing the remainder of the list, there's not a dud to be seen. You've got until September 2 to take advantage of these prices.

Heavy Weapon $6.95 (was $12.95)

Zuma $6.95 (was $12.95)

Crash Commando $6.95 (was $12.95)

Crash Commando: Combo Pack $4.95 (was $8.45)

Breakquest $3.45 (was $4.95)

Let's Golf $1.95 (was $8.45)

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