Here Come The Stupid PlayStation Move Accessories!

With the PlayStation Move being essentially a Wii Remote for the PS3, it was only a matter of time before the stupid accessories crowd jumped from Nintendo's console to Sony's.

Here's one of the first examples: CTA Digital's PlayStation Move gloves, which are... gloves with velcro straps to secure a PlayStation Move controller to. So, you know... you don't... get sweat on them? Look unprepared at a PS3 UFC cosplay get-together?

Just remember: these may look stupid, but in six months time - or longer if the Move really takes off - they'll be just the tip of a very stupid iceberg.

[via Gizmodo]


    No glove, no love!

    Don't want to know about it until there are some giant green Hulk Hands that I can use with a Move enabled Marvel Ultimate Alliance style game!

    What is this I don't even...

    They will continues make this stuff as long as there are people stupid enough to buy it, have we learned nothing from the Wii owners?

    Keep in mind you can make alot of money off of stupid people.

    Buddy............ the wiimote was the PS3 remote!!! Move is something diff, YES i bloody know it looks like a wand and behaves in a similar fashion its NOT the same! the PS3 remote was more like the wiimote

      Buddy... i think your retarded.. PS3 Sixaxis was and is a joke at best.. MOVE is Wiimote HD shut up and stop being a sony fangirl


    but apparently move is nothing like the wii??? looks the fricken same to me. only a poor blind little ps3 fanboy could argue that point.

    now i understand there really is such a thing as mass hallucinations if people really think this is going to be anything but wiiHD

      Man these comments are getting old. Did you all bitch out MS when the original Xbox came out because the controllers had 2 analogue sticks JUST LIKE THE PS2???

      Seriously, in gaming, it really doesn't matter who did what first. The companies will all keep trying to one up each other, and you know who wins? Us. The people who like to play games (maybe not so much the people who like to rage on forums).

        The Move is not a ripoff of the Wiimote, or at least not entirely. It has a very similar form and function, but it uses a fundamentally different and better technology to do what it does, and the end result is blatantly superior to the Wiimote, both in terms of its precision and what it is capable of. If Move is a ripoff of the Wii, then Kinect is a ripoff of the PSEye. Funny how we never hear anyone mention that, it's almost like everyone thinks Microsoft invented the concept of a camera that reads body movements for the purpose of controlling games.

        Also, why is everyone ragging on these gloves? They seem to me to be for stopping the user from accidentally dropping or throwing the controller, kind of like the Wiimote's wrist strap.

    when i first saw the pic i thought it was going to be powerglove 2.0 style

    If you where really interested in motion controls you'd have bought a Wii by now. The move is different from the Wiimote in appearance, but not in function. Now I'm not contesting the fact that the Move may be more advanced and more precise but it's simply newer. Compare the last model of a car with the new one, the new one has a slight re-design, better features and handles better.

    In my experiance Red Steel 2 with the Motion plus actually seems to work. But the Mechanics for the game are very simple and work like this, swing Vertical or Horizontal or Stab. Special moves are button presses with the above movements and a more powerful real world swing equals more damage. I'm having fun, but it's not the best most awesome experiance in the gaming universe.

    At the end of the day I don't want to be trying to move my controller exactly 3mm to acomplish something.

    I have to say it, if you don't think the Kinetic and Move are trying to copy and one up the Wii your being blinded by love of the company. Sony and MS laughed their arses off at Nintendo, and than said "Wait, what? They made how much money? Quick get R&D to whip up something like that for us!"

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