Here Comes The Boom, Ready Or Not

Sweet Aunt Nancy's pyjamas - what? Tim Kitzrow, who probably gets introduced as "the Boomshakalaka guy" at parties, brings the bonkers in this tease for NBA Jam's high-def version on Xbox 360 and PS3, included free with NBA Elite 11.

The game will be downloadable with a free one-use code included in new copies of NBA Elite. The 360 and PS3 version get three modes - Play Now, Classic Campaign and Online Play. It doesn't have the Boss Battles under the Wii's Remix mode, but it does have online multiplayer, which the Wii doesn't.

New Trailer for NBA Jam (360,PS3) [Pasta Padre]


    whoa having flashbacks of being a stoned 13yo playing this, awesome fun

      I guess your username sums things up perfectly then.

        hah yeah, cause anybody who has fun in their teens is a total douchebag.
        welcome to the party owen.

    Still peeved that this isn't a standalone PSN game. Especially since im picking up NBA 2K11 instead as well. WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US?!

    haha love it!

    so good to hear those words again!

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