Hey, Don't Run Unauthorised World Of Warcraft Servers, OK?

Because if you do, it'll cost you $US88 million.

That's how much Scapegaming's Alyson Reeves was ordered to pay Blizzard following a court case, in which Reeves was found guilty of charging users to play on an unauthorised World of Warcraft server.

Over the years, she'd amassed over $3 million from these unsuspecting players, which forms part of the enormous settlement. The other $US85 million? That's for statutory damages.

You silly kid! There may be plenty of money in World of Warcraft, but that's Blizzard's money, not yours!

Blizzard Sues Private Server Company, Awarded $US88M [Slashdot]



      I think 88 millions a tad excessive, but yeah, it was mainly deserved.

    $88 millions a little much. No she shouldn't of been doing what she was doing or making money of it but this will pretty much ruin the rest of her life.

      So? Don't do the crime if you can't take the punishment.

        Of course she should have been punished, but "Don’t do the crime if you can’t take the punishment" still doesn't really make sense... it's a punishment that no individual can do, and in actuality won't be doing. $88 million? Where exactly does the $88 million come from? We know that $3 million of it is getting paid, and maybe another $1 to $2 million on top of that within the person's lifetime... but the suite could have been for $6 million and Billzard STILL won't be getting that full amount before the person dies.

        Huge awards like these ordered from individuals make absolutely no sense to me, because no one can ever actually receive that amount from that individual. They won't live long enough, nor ever make enough money in their lifetime to do so. Blizzard might as well have been awarded $88 Trillion dollars... makes no difference, they'll still only ever receive approximately $3-$4 million from that person before they pass on.

        Or does all this money come from us the tax payers? While the individual is actually paying the government back? I hope it's not that way, cause that just screws everyone else far more than the person who committed the crime, cause the general public will continue to live on through increased taxes and increased national deficit and pay that fee while the person who actually committed the crime is long dead and not actually paying back in.

    It is one thing to run a private server for/with friends. It is another thing to charge for said server! Fool is fool.

    88 million is a fair bit for a loss of 3 million.
    'Spose they're trying to make a point

    Can you say bankruptcy? If I have 3 million and I owe you 88 million then I can do the math.

      Which works well here in Australia. Not so much in the states. Unless she has used the homestead clause of American tax law to essentially gear everything against a property overseas, though that is difficult at the best of times.

    I do agree that the person deserved to be charged in the double digit millions... but this amount is far, far in excess of 'justice' or sensibility. I think the statutory damages claim is a little ridiculous in its extent.

      I don't know if it makes much of a difference. If somebody awarded "double digit millions" against me, even if it was "just" $10m, then they might as well make it $88m, since there's no way I'd ever get close to paying off either one. I mean if I made $100,000 a year (which I definitely don't), it'd take me 100 years just to earn $10m (before tax), never mind little things like eating.

      So yeah, make it $10m or $88m or $500m, I'm filing for bankruptcy regardless and you're not seeing any of it.

    Why ask for so much if its impossible to pay? Do they own her soul now or something?

      no more than blizzard already own the sole of millions of WoW players... lul

    Now she is going to have to start like thirty unauthorised servers to make the money to pay the fine.

    Chapter 11 Bankruptcy ftw

    It's a little unreasonable to charge someone that. How is anyone suppose to pay that ridiculous figure, realistically?

    WoW is a multi-million dollar enterprise, now all Blizzard has to do is argue the illegal server negativly effected their legit servers. And bang the potential to damage the "good(?)" name of WoW and yeah I can see the lawyers adding it up.

    How... did this person get people to PAY to play on a private server? What's the dealio? I'm surprised $3 mil was made from this but $85 mil in the red is enough to get anyone filing chapter 11. This isn't just about punishing people, it's making examples.

    88 mil for a 3 mil profit? How is this justifiable? The amount it cost Blizzard in business is in the books. WTF.

    Under the assumption that most of the commenters here are Australian (writing from US here), you guys really seem to have your heads on straight. You should see some of the bloodthirsty comments on this story in American forums.

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