Hey, It's Jack From Mass Effect 2!

Was that Miranda Lawson cosplay a little too clean-cut for you? You might prefer Jack, then, the resident whackjob of the SSV Normandy, here portrayed wonderfully by Jia Crens.

There's a level of dedication here that borders on the fanatical. In a good way. See, Jia not only models in the shots here, but also made the costume (it's a flesh-coloured bodysuit, not ink-on-flesh) and, most amazingly, even submitted herself to the barber's clippers, going so far as to have Jack's hair "design" shaved into her scalp.

You can see a few shots here, but for the full gallery, head over to Crens' site, which also gives a detailed breakdown on how the costume was made.

Jack - Mass Effect 2 [JIAJEM, thanks Brian!]

Subject Zero [Cosplay.com]


    Eerily close. Not really a fan of cos-play my self but love the game and that gets my applause. Ingenuity, detail... bravery? Well done.

    Amazing, really. It actually took me a while to realise that she's wearing a body suit - it looks that real.

    I would LOVE to walk down the street with her to see what kinds of looks she would get. :D

    Brilliant costume. Helps that model is damn hot and has the perfect body type as well.


    I'm in luuuuuuuuurve :-P

    Boo, lycra - body paint and nipple tape or GTFO.

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